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ManukaMAX lozenges 150 g - soothes the throat naturally    

  • packed with Australian Manuka Honey MGO 829 - antibacterial, anti-inflammatory
  • also contains Australian Native Bee Propolis - high in polyphenolic antioxidants
  • ginger to help with soothing a sore throat - if you love ginger, you will love these lozenges
  • great tasting lozenge with added lemon and menthol

all combined to make a lozenge that soothes, calms and also tastes great. Read More


Australian Manuka Honey MGO 829
Australian Native Bee Propolis



Heal Your Sore Throat with Manuka Lozenges from Australia

It’s been a go-to home remedy for centuries – honey and lemon for a sore throat. But what is the science behind this? Infusing hot water with honey and lemon has long been regarded as providing relief for colds and soreness in the throat area. Lemon is packed full of Vitamin C, which supports the immune system and promotes recovery, whereas all kinds of honey contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants. However, what if we told you that pure manuka honey lozenges were the gold standard of care in terms of honey remedies?

What Makes Our Pure Australian Manuka Honey Lozenges the Best?

We believe that the pure Manuka honey lozenges we produce here are the best in the world. What is the reason for this? We use our own genuine high-grade Manuka honey from our own farms to produce our lozenges. Surely all Manuka honey is the same, you may say. Well, actually, that isn’t true. Just like there are grades of olive oil or mineral waters, all honey and specifically Manuka honey is not created equal. Commercial production of common or garden floral honey can remove a lot of essential enzymes which give the honey its healing properties.

Likewise, Manuka honey can only be called Manuka if the nectar collected by our friends the bees comes from a very specific plant. This plant, native to Australia and New Zealand, has specific strains which only grow here in Australia and have been shown to produce the most potent Manuka honey with active compounds. Our Australian Manuka honey lozengescontain high-grade activated honey, to give you the most effective remedy for sore throats and colds.

At Nature’s Gold, we source Manuka honey from our own hives, and have each batch certified by a university lab to guarantee the grade of the honey on its active properties. We control the entire production process from hive directly to our customers, so we know the quality of what we are selling.

Medicinal Grade Manuka Honey Lozenges in Australia

Our Manuka honey lozenges produced in Australia come in a 150g bag. They contain pure Australian Manuka honey graded at MGO 829 (rated high in terms of the active properties). This is a high-grade medicinal honey with strong antibacterial and antimicrobial attributes. Bee propolis, a by-product of the bees’ honey production process, is also added and this has long been held as a potent natural healer as it is high in antioxidants. These Manuka honey propolis lozenges have added ginger, another natural healer and lemon and menthol to give you a boost of Vitamin C and clear your passages. Being able to take the honey in a lozenge form is also very beneficial as adding hot water to honey can kill off the natural healing agents.

Of course, if a little lozenge is not enough for you, you can find a wide range of pure 250g Manuka Honey or even if you're looking to stock up with just a bit more for yourself or for the family, you can check out our 1kg manuka honey range. Otherwise, we're sure our manuka honey lozenge can go a long way.

When you buy our propolis Manuka honey lozenges, you are harnessing the power of nature to heal yourself. Just read the testimonials from our many happy customers. Choose natural over synthetic and invest in your health.

Nature’s Gold is an Australian family-grown company based in Queensland which has enjoyed great success thanks to the quality of its farm-produced products. Shop today and take control of your health in the most natural way.Read Less