What our customers say

We have received letters and emails from customers all over the world who are delighted with their Nature's Gold skincare products. 

These customers have seen amazing results in the treatment of eczema, dermatitis, dry and cracked skin, sunburn and many other common skin complaints and conditions.

Below are just some of the wonderful letters and emails we have received. 

Five Stars

I initially stumbled across Nature's Gold while I was looking for a cream to soothe my dogs skin (he recently had surgery). One thing led to another and after some reading and research I splurged on myself as well, buying a whole skincare pack. It's honestly the best decision I have made for my skin! Not only does everything smell amazing, I'm already seeing results. The night cream in particular is my favourite. My order arrived super fast, and I must say I'm a sucker for all things nature and animals so when I saw the little personalised thank you slip with sunflower seeds stuck to it, my hair just about exploded!! I'm all for the cause to keep our bees abundant and happy, and I back the products 100%. AMAZING!

Ana S, Australia

Beyond wound and dry skin treatment

For several years I've had a problem with severe itching and irritation around my eyes. The skin becomes lizard-like and swollen, and even spreads onto my face, neck and chest. A couple of different times the doc diagnosed allergies and prescribed eye drops, which did nothing at all. I was totally miserable! I ordered this for my daughter, a nurse, and got a tube for myself. In desperation I put some around my eyes before bed, thickly. Next AM, much less irritation. After 2 more nights, whatever it was is gone. Now a week later and no recurrence. (Though now I know what to do if it ever happens again!). This product is great and I will surely order again. 

Amazon USA customer.

This stuff is WONDERFUL 

After battling a split on my thumb for several months and many bandages and antibiotic ointments I decided to check this out. Within one week of applying a couple of times a day my thumb was completely heated. I use on my lips and cuticles. I highly recommend trying this natural remedy.

Amazon USA customer.


Healed my minor cut instantly! Also, great for atopic dermatitis. Worked like a charm!

Feedback from the USA


Applied to surgical scar, covered it with 10 x 4 bandage every other night before going to bed. In about 8 weeks scar was healed and only faintly visible. Recommended it to others at Physical Therapy group and most had similar results. My orthopaedic surgeon recommended it. Also inexpensive. YAY.

Sharon, AU

I can’t rave enough about your Therapeutic Skin Cream.

As a busy mum of two, I don’t have much time to spend on pampering. It’s a miracle I even get my hair brushed most mornings! My days are spent barefoot, chasing the kids around the yard, and when I do wear shoes it is usually thongs or slip on sandals. As a result, the skin on my heels is cracked, dry and sore… Or at least it was until my Nature’s Gold Therapeutic Skin Care arrived in the mail!

I tried everything imaginable to help my heels. Expensive creams and lotions, pumice stones and metal files, even a few old wives’ tales like mashed banana and olive oil. None of them worked.

After reading about the healing properties of Manuka Honey, I decided to try your Therapeutic Skin Cream. I chose your product over others due to the fact it is Australian made AND it contains natural ingredients.

I used the Therapeutic Skin Cream twice a day. Once in the morning after showering and then again at night before putting on bed socks. The cream was moisturising, but not greasy, which meant I was still able to chase the kids around the house without slipping and sliding across the floorboards.

The difference your Therapeutic Skin Cream has made to my skin is amazing. Within 24 hours my heels felt smoother and softer. Within three days many of the cracks had gone. A quick rub with a pumice stone and a few more days of Therapeutic Skin Cream and I now have the smoothest and softest heels on the block!

I am so impressed with the Nature’s Gold Therapeutic Skin Cream I just had to write and let you know. I can’t wait to try some of the other products in your range.

Alex, Avalon NSW