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Natures Gold Manuka Honey. Infused with nature.

Our Story

Nature's Gold is an Australian Manuka Honey company, that was founded in 2005 by Jill Richards. After years of research into the many benefits and healing properties of Manuka Honey, the Nature's Gold brand was born. Our passion is to grow only the best quality Manuka Honey for customers to consume as part of their “Everyday Lifestyle”, in the form of raw honey and natural skincare products, all made from Australian Ingredients. We are 100% family owned. Jill’s son Mark Richards made Singapore his home back in 2008. And as the Managing Director of Natures Gold Singapore and Permanent Resident, Mark has a vision to provide the highest quality Manuka Honey to a wider public in Singapore. The launch of the Natures Golds “Manuka Everyday” subscription is purposely designed to provide customers their daily Manuka Honey intake delivered to their door, a chance to try the wide range of Manuka Honey Skin Care products as a monthly complimentary gift, and get personally involved in stimulating a local Singapore Manuka Honey ecosystem and job market

The health benefits of high quality Manuka Honey are no secret. However the science behind Manuka Honey’s medicinal benefits are not well known and understood. The Manuka Honey industry is now standardizing on a term called MGO, scientifically known as Methlgloxyl. MGO refers to Non Peroxide Activity or NPA. The higher the MGO level when the honey is tested, the higher the Non Peroxide Activity and the greater the health benefit

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